Acrostic Poetry – Beware the ALPACALYPSE

Most of us have seen and even built acrostics during our life. Maybe you did that with refrigerator magnet letters. Whether with magnets, lead, or keystrokes, acrostics are built by taking a single word and then using each letter in the word to build a new poetic line about that word. Sound complicated? Actually it's not! It's a fun way to start writing poetry if you've never tried before. Here's an original acrostic by library staff member Lauren Hall. Beware the ALPACALYPSE by LT Hall And I’m telling you, this isn’t the first…continue reading →

National Poetry Month – Poetry Gets Personal

April is National Poetry Month. The library blog will spotlight different kinds of poetry throughout the month. We will also be recommending poets throughout the month so stay tuned for this celebration of humanity's amazing art form! What poets do you admire?  Siegfried Sassoon & Wilfred Owen: Both are widely seen as one of the most important British military poets of the First World War.  Typically these two are ever mentioned as examples. - Blaze Pappas Poets of World War I by Rupert Smith, editor Available at Midlothian Poetry of the First World…continue reading →