World’s Most Popular Sport – Soccer at the Library

The Women's World Cup in Soccer ends in a week. Although soccer is the most popular sport in the world, FIFA, the governing body of the soccer, did not hold a World Cup for women players until 1991. Did you know that... Three of the countries competing at the World Cup were actually declared inactive as recent as 2016? Chile, Argentina, and Jamaica suffered team shutdowns within the last 3-5 years because their national sport federation funneled funding elsewhere and didn't schedule any matches for the teams. Imagine if Simone Biles wasn't able…continue reading →

Summer Haiku Challenge from NPR

Calling all summer students!  National Public Radio (NPR) and the Tyler Libraries have a challenge for you!  Can you turn your summer memories into poetry?  More specifically, can you turn your memories of  things like vacation, barbeques, camping, hot days, or swimming pools into a haiku?  To get us started, I'll give it a try: Mosquitoes buzz near I turn over on my bunk Dreaming of campfires I'll admit it, I'm no poet! But writing haiku fun for even the worst poets like me! Want to learn more about the summer haiku challenge…continue reading →

Welcome to Dystopia

Thomas More wrote a famous book championing social reform called Utopia--meaning "no place." He describes an idyllic community where everyone had a place and a purpose and lived harmoniously with each other. Dystopias are often the opposite. A dystopia may describe a world that seems idyllic but harbors some dark secret. Or it may describe a world fundamentally altered from our own because of an apocalypse. The hallmark of a dystopia is a world that in order to maintain order and balance sacrifices some key aspect of its humanity. The hero of a…continue reading →

Pre-Summer Summer

It's that time of year again! It's so hot outside your steering wheel burns your hands. We've survived the Great Pollen Flood of 2019. The rain has died down. And classes have started again. So it must be summer. Except it's only sorta' summer. For those of you who like to do everything by its technical definition, this is still Spring--just a really hot, muggy, nasty spring. Summer will officially arrive June 21. Nevertheless with the start of classes, School Summer is underway. And we (the library) are here to help. Come to…continue reading →
Graduation Cap Decorating at the Maker Spaces

Graduation Cap Decorating at the Maker Spaces

Calling all spring 2019 grads!  You've worked hard to make it to graduation day, so why stick to the plain black (and a bit drab) graduation regalia?  Let your personality, studies, and goals shine by creating a personalized graduation cap! Visit the Libraries' Maker Spaces to decorate your graduation caps May 1 -  6, 2019.   Decorating materials have been supplied by the John Tyler Community College Foundation.  After your finished, please be sure to snap a selfie and tag #TylerCommunityCollege and #TylerLibraries. Congratulations to all of our spring 2019 graduates! Need some inspiration? …continue reading →