Fiction Fridays: The Time In Between

The Time In Between Abandoned and pregnant in a foreign country by her swindler lover, seamstress Sira Quiroga reinvents herself as an haute couturier in 1930s Morocco. Her clients are the wives and girlfriends of the political elite—a situation not lost on the British military secret service. buy viagra us Recruited by MI6, Sira undertakes the dangerous work of learning the plans of the Nazi authorities in Spain and Portugal. Part Nancy Drew, part George Smiley, Sira intrepidly gathers intelligence through wit and charm while dodging both bullets and bad guys.continue reading →

Library Hours and Summer Registration

Exams are over and the spring semester is complete. While classes are not in session, the libraries will have reduced hours. Instead of closing at 9 we will close at 7 for extended registration. Details: May 12/Wednesday:  7:30-11 am. Employee Appreciation Day May 13/Thursday: 7:30 am-7 pm (Registration) Saturday May 15: Closed (Commencement) May 17-20/Monday-Thursday: 7:30 am - 7 pm. May 18/Saturday: Closed Books may be returned in the book drop. Electronic resources will be available remotely during this time. Regular library hours will resume Monday, May 24.continue reading →

A Year of Cats and Dogs by Margaret Hawkins

So often magical realism sounds like a children's book, yet the books are so much more than the summary. Metamorphosis: Man wakes up one day as cockroach. Problems ensue. Time Traveler's Wife: Librarian time travels randomly. Romance is complicated. A Year of Cats and Dogs: Woman discovers she has animal telepathy. Life changes. At the beginning of A Year of Cats and Dogs, Maryanne's partner of ten years has left her for a job in another city. Philip takes what is important to him (his clothes), but leaves his furniture and their two…continue reading →

Annie Leibovitz: At Work

Part memoir, part biopic, At Work allows the photographer Annie Leibovitz to speak through and about her work...simultaneously. Instead of separating photography from commentary, the artist from the art, At Work allows both to tell their tale. At Work follows a straight biographical timeline, and pairs Leibovitz's photographs with her own words and interpretations-which reads like watching/listening to the director's commentary version of a film. The book begins with Leibovitz's first subjects (her family, including grandmother), through her tour with the Rolling Stones, then her work FOR Rolling Stone magazine and Gap. Many of…continue reading →