Celebrate Earth Day library style!  Stop by either of your JTCC libraries to find titles on celebrating mother earth and the exquisite world around us!  Sit outside with the beautiful weather and enjoy one of the following books:


Beyond Earth Day Book CoverBeyond Earth Day: Fullfilling the Promise by Gaylord Nelson.

Join the father of the environmentalist movement, Gaylord Nelson, in discussing the urgent matter of preserving nature for generations to come.  The title is recommended for those who care deeply about our environment and what we can do to save it.




Flora of Virginia Book CoverFlora of Virginia  by Weakley, Ludwig, Townsend, Gastinger, Terry and Fuller

Sit back and enjoy all the beautiful plant life that Virginia has to offer!  This in-depth volume contains all the vegetation found in the state and is the first formal update to the state’s flora since 1762.





Conserving the Environment Book Cover Conserving the Environment  by Debra Miller

This work explored the social, political and economic issues surrounding the environment.  This work feature various opinions and views on different aspects of this topic.





Careers in the Environment Book Cover Careers in the Environment by Mike Fasulo and Paul Walker

Want to explore fascinating careers dealing with the environmental sciences, look no further!  This book will guide you through possible career choices for this area of study.




Overheated Book CoverOverheated: The Human Cost of Climate Change by Andrew Guzman

There is always a lot of talk of the environmental impact of climate change, but what about the effects climate change may have on humans.  Guzman describes war, famine and mass migration in relation to climate change if nothing is done to reverse the damage.

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