Humans just love to celebrate: there are holidays for everything important and not-so-important on each day of the calendar year. Take today, for instance: August 1 is not only National Girlfriend Day and National Mountain-Climbing Day and National Raspberry Cream Pie Day, it’s also National Spider-Man Day–time to celebrate your friendly neighborhood superhero dispensing justice and swinging through the streets of New York City.

Source: Spider-Man from Marvel Comics, image from Austin Toy Museum

It’s also one of the last days of summer exams here at the college.

I’ll leave it to you which you want to celebrate today. (Why not all four? Celebrate the end of the fall semester by climbing a mountain with your girlfriend, eating raspberry cream pie for dessert, and reading a Spider-Man comic book.)

Spectacular Spider-Man, Vol. 4: DisassembledThe Spectacular Spider-Man, Vol. 4: Disassembled by Paul Jenkins Michael Ryan, Humberto Ramos, & Paco Medina
Midlothian Graphic Novels PN6728.S4 J4854 2004  
“Spider-Man undergoes a slow, painful transformation from human to arachnid. What is causing the change and is it connected to the problems the Avengers are having? Finally, he comes face-to-face with the one responsible–the Queen–but only Captain America has the key to her defeat.”–from book description


Invisible GirlfriendInvisible Girlfriend Film by David Redmond & Ashley Sabin
Available Online
“Winner of the Ripping Reality Award at the Hot Docs Film Festival, this Southern tale transcends literal interpretations of images in order to open up rich, loamy textures of humor and drama.

Working within the tradition of creative non-fiction, Invisible Girlfriend follows Charles as he rides his big red bicycle 400 miles through rural Louisiana to find his invisible girlfriend, Joan of Arc, in a New Orleans bar. Along the way, he encounters a farmer, a witch, a tin man, and a man who honors the dead.

With cinematography startling in its intensity and violent beauty, Invisible Girlfriend captures the odd characters and unique characteristics of what might be called the Southern Gothic world.”–from film description




Mountaineers: Great Tales of Bravery & Conquest by Ed Douglas, Richard Gilbert, Philip Parker, & Alasdair Macleod
Chester GV199.9 .D67 2011  

“A lavish visual survey of more than eighty of the world’s greatest mountaineers — who they were, where they went, and how their expeditions shaped the course of human history — Mountaineers will explore the history of expeditions, from the Alps and other European peaks to Everest and other peaks in Himalayas, and the Andes.Full of stirring tales and intriguing characters, from the Brits who insisted on hauling cases of vintage champagne up to Everest, to the Italian Duke of the Abruzzi who took ten iron bedsteads up Alaska’s Malaspina glacier, Mountaineers is full of important scientific discoveries; accounts of great bravery, fellowship, altruism, and good humor in the face of adversity; and a spirit of adventure.”–from



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