The Fall Literature Circles are coming–and all students, faculty, and staff are invited to attend. Choose a title from the list, read it, and join the relaxed, insightful discussions. All books are owned by the library, but copies are limited and going FAST.

Letters to a Young Brother: Manifest Destiny by Hill Harper

Hill Harper, award-winning actor and star of the hit show CSI: NY provides helpful advice and encouragement to young men in a brother-to-brother letter format.  He addresses topics ranging from dealing with family, friends, and love relationships, to handling money, and dreaming “big”.  He bases his responses to these real questions on his own personal life experiences and those of other successful African-Americans.

Against Medical Advice by James Patterson and Hal Friedman

Cory Friedman is diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome at the age of five.  He suffers from extreme OCD, has uncontrollable urges to scream and makes violent physical movements.  Cory tells his own very personal story of the many different drug and behavioral treatment programs that he was subjected to over a thirteen year period.   Cory’s struggle for a cure and the pervasive effect on his family is a very personal, moving account of a frequently misunderstood disease.

Snowflower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See

Lily, now age 80 recalls her life in rural China during the 19th century when foot binding, arranged marriages and the belief that a woman’s only role was to have sons were the norm.  Lily and Snowflower, a supposedly wealthier, better educated girl from a larger town, become laotong, bond for life.  Readers will be riveted on this fascinating story of an enduring relationship that weathers spousal abuse, jealousy, poverty, death, and political instability.

Executive Privilege by Philip Margolin

Private detective, Dana Cutler, is hired by a powerful attorney to follow Charlotte Walsh, a college intern at the White House suspected of having an affair with the President.  She takes some pictures and then is accosted by some secret service agents.  Dana gets away, but the secret service agents manage to get Dana’s license plate.  The next day she learns that Charlotte was found dead.  Dana and Brad Miller, a junior associate in a law firm, become involved in a life-threatening search for an evil serial killer who has victims on both U.S. coasts.

The Secret Between Us by Barbara Delinsky

One rainy night, Deborah Monroe, a recently divorced, family physician picks her teenage daughter, Grace, up from a friend’s party.  Grace has her driving permit and is at the wheel when she hits a man jogging along the road who turns out to be her history teacher, Mr. McKenna.  With the best of intentions, Deborah lets the police assume she was driving and fills out a police report to that effect.   After Mr.McKenna dies, Grace is devastated by her own guilt and her mother’s lies while the secret threatens to destroy the entire family.

The Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber

In celebration of life, cancer survivor Lydia Hoffman opens a knitting store, A Good Yarn, in Seattle.  She offers a knitting class in hopes of meeting people and attracting business.  The first project, a baby blanket, brings together four very unique women, each with her own set of challenges.  This is the first book in this popular Blossom Street series.

Discussion dates/times/place:

Chester campus:  Tuesday, Oct. 26 (12-12:45) and Wednesday, Oct. 27 (12-12:45) in the Nicholas Center, room 102A

Midlothian campus:  Tuesday, Oct. 26 (12-12:45) and Wednesday, Oct. 27 (12-12:45) room TBA

Questions? Contact Penny Speidel, Mattie Coll, and Judy Johnson for more information.

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