Starting Monday, June 15, you can request books & pick them up in a convenient, contactless way.

When? Pick-up hours are 8AM to 5PM Monday-Friday on both campuses.

How? Place your requests online. After receiving an e-mail from the library, pick up your book as soon as possible. Please wear a face mask in accordance with the Governor’s order. Requests left after 1 week will be cancelled.  

Where? For Midlothian pick-ups: Administration Building Lobby

                For Chester pick-ups: Nicholas Student Center Lobby

 Contact us at with any questions.



How do I place my request? Click here for screenshots on finding & requesting a book.

How long can I keep my book? 4 weeks with 1 renewal, unless it comes from a special collection with a specific time limit.

How do I return my library books? Use the regular outside book-drop bins. At Midlothian, it’s in the lower traffic circle between Hamel & Eliades Hall. At Chester, it’s next to Moyar Hall facing the largest student parking lot. Do not return bookstore books in the book-drop bin. 

Why did I get an overdue notice when I already returned my book? All returns are quarantined for 1 week, so there will be a 1 week delay before you receive the e-mail confirming the book return. 

I want to pick-up a Chester book at Midlothian. Can I do that? Sadly, no. We cannot move books between campuses yet. So if you need a Chester book, you will need to go to Chester campus for pick-up.

What will happen if the library can’t find my book? We will keep your request active for 1 week in case the book shows up again. We may send you digital title suggestions if we cannot locate the book after 1 week.

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