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Are you tired of talking to the same people day in and day out?

Are you interested in what’s going on in the world?

Do you have opinions and want to discuss them?

Then JTCC Libraries has the group for you!

The Curiosity Crew is a group that meets every other week to discuss a variety of topics such as current events, psychology, biology, and technology. Each meeting revolves around a specific article or video, as well as supplemental materials. Our goal is to facilitate insightful and respectful discussion among peers where we can share and hear a variety of viewpoints. Meetings are held every other Wednesday at 03:00 PM via Zoom.


“Yeah, but why should I join?” you may ask. Our answer? Perspective. It might not seem like much, but it’s incredibly important. An article by Psychology Today points out the importance of being exposed to a variety of perspectives. If you’re trying to solve a problem or conflict, the success of its outcome could come down to being able to understand how this conflict appears to other parties. If you can’t see how things appear to your opponents, then your understanding of the situation or issue is limited and thus incomplete. In cases like this week’s meeting, “Why are peaceful protests turning into riots,” perspective is huge.


Therefore, we at Tyler Libraries invite you to join the Curiosity Crew. Will all of the topics be serious? No. But will they hopefully teach you something new and potentially change how you view the world? Come find out.


Find more information here.



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