huck-finn-cliffnotes2Struggling with Pride and Prejudice? Have a class discussion on Hamlet and no idea what to say? Do a bit of extra reading and get the clues you need–free and online. A bit of reading and research can increase your understanding–and your grade!

Check out the following websites for extra help:

SparkNotes: No Fear Shakespeare!

“Created by Harvard students for students everywhere” these free online guides can help you deepen your understanding of a text, decide what to write on a paper, help you speak intelligently in class, and impress your friends.”

Subjects: Biology, History Literature Philosophy

Some content is free, some is “for purchase.”

Shmoop: Cite with pride

Shmoops free articles (history lit and poetry) are written by PhDs, graduate students and advanced undergrads. A great place to start your thinking about what you are reading.

CliffsNotes: The Fastest Way to Learn

The grand daddy of study guides, Cliff Notes offers the broadest a broad array of subjects, from literature to accounting, from foreign languages to the sciences (including anatomy and physiology.)

Don’t forget–the library has resources as well.

The Literature Resource Center from the Gale Group (scroll down to the link under Literature) is an EXCELLENT academic source for papers and projects. You can search by name of the work (To Kill a Mockingbird) or the name of the author (Harper Lee). The articles are appropriate for college writing and can be accessed online anywhere with your MyTyler login.

If any of this is overwhelming, just come to the library. We like to help students and are happy to work with you one-on-one.

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  1. SEO

    When I was in College, I preferred using Cliffnotes over Sparknotes. I don’t remember why. But I remember clearly that I was lazy to read the whole story or the whole novel, that I checked the site often. It helped me to be good during the discussions at least.

  2. Zack Monigold


    Good article. Simply wanted to let ya know. Design and inspiration always have a symbiotic relationship.

  3. Suzanne

    I had to hide my Cliffnotes….some of the teachers did not like us to use them. I always read the book.

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