Now that we are 8 [or so] weeks into the semester could your study skills use some fine-tuning? If you are feeling that there must be a better way to manage the reading, the writing, and the studying required by your classes…help is just a click away.

How to has tons of links to study tips, writing techniques, organizational tools, test taking strategies and lots more.  You can read reviews of most links to decide if the article is something worth a look.

Some favorite links:

  • What Your Mother Never Told You about College: “Sitting in a classroom is the easiest part of college and it cuts the study time in half. Why make it hard on yourself? Go!”
  • Assignment Calculator: Type in the due date of your paper and Assignment Calculator will tell you what steps you need to take and when.
  • Geek to Life: Take study-worthy lecture notes based on the Cornell note-taking method
  • Biology Karaoke: Don’t miss tRNA—the lesser known words to the tune of YMCA.

Check out the Bio Boys performing tRNA!

Still overwhelmed? Check with the Students Success Centers for help. Chester: 804-706-5087 and Midlothian: 804-594-1542.

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