Delirium by Lauren Oliver

As in yesterday’s book, Matched, the government has determined that love is something to be avoided. In fact, this dystopia considers love a disease—a delirium. Accordingly, when you reach a certain age you must have The Procedure which will make you immune to love. Lena is looking forward to having The Procedure but 95 days before it is scheduled she meets Alex.

Lena’s family struggles. She lives with her aunt and cousins and there is a cloud over the household. Lena’s mother, despite having The Procedure multiple times was never cured and was reported to have committed suicide rather than submit to a fourth Procedure. Lena’s cousins Grace and Jenny were left as orphans when their father, once a successful scientist was accused of being a sympathizer and disappeared before he could be brought to trial. And the cousins’ mother, as sometimes happens with The Procedure, found “parenting distasteful.”

So Lena wants to follow the rules set by the Consortium. And she wants to do well on her evaluation, her exams, have The Procedure and marry the person selected for her. But there is a part of her that is a little rebellious too. When she meets Alex he shows her a different way of life and what exists on the other side of the fence—in The Wilds. After that Lena can’t go back to the old ways and she and Alex are on a crazy run.

Lena’s adventure continues in Pandemonium.

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