Matched by Ally Condie

In the Society all your life choices are made for you: what job you do, the place you live, what belongings you may have and who you marry. If the authorities can control these aspects of your life then the rest of the country can be controlled as well.

The story opens with the night of Cassia’s matching ceremony. She, with all other 17-year-old girls, is patiently waiting her turn to see her match displayed on the giant screen in the banquet room. But when her name is called there is a computer glitch and a long wait with a blank screen before she sees the face of her best friend Xander. Suspecting that something has gone wrong Cassia is not surprised when a few days later she checks her microcard and finds the face displayed is not Xander. The face she sees another friend, Ky—an unsuitable match in every way. When an official of The Society interviews Cassia about the glitch she learns that Ky is an Aberration and ineligible to be matched. The official warns Cassia not to talk about the mix-up to anyone but allows her to discuss it with her grandfather who will soon be turning 80 and having his “Final Banquet.”  That summer Cassia and Ky are in a recreational hiking class together. Slowly they become friends and Cassia becomes more aware of The Society’s ruthless domination. At the same time the authorities institute a crackdown. Cassia faces tough choices: remain obedient to the regime or join a rebellion. Much of her decision will depend on her feelings for Ky.

Cassia’s story continues in Crossed and Reached.

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