Are you now the proud owner of an electronic reader? Are you looking for a source of free books to download to your reader? Look no further than the John Tyler Community College Library website!

To make your downloading experience even easier I created this “recipe” for adding books to my Barnes and Noble Nook. See if it will work for you.

  1. Starting at the John Tyler Community College Library website I found the green bar that says “Find Articles.”
  2. I clicked the green bar then clicked “databases.”
  3. Under “Frequently Used Databases” I found EBSCOhost, clicked that and I was prompted to enter my MyTyler log-in information.
  4. Then I browsed until I found something I liked.  There are 20 categories.
  5. Next I created an account giving myself a user name and password.
  6. I clicked “Download This Ebook.” I can choose how long I want to “keep” it—up to 7 days.
  7. Now here is a tricky part. I have Adobe Digital Editions installed on my home computer because I frequently check out ebooks from the public library. You can get it too from this link. You will have to register.
  8. Once you have Adobe Digital Editions installed your ebook will download to it.
  9. On Adobe Digital Editions I clicked the “library view.”
  10. Then I connected my Nook. When I saw the Nook listed in the left column I could drag and drop the book I checked out to it.
  11. And now I am enjoying My Life With Charlie Brown!

EBSCO also has a site that you may find helpful with further directions on how to search, download and add notes to your ebooks.  And the Library of Congress has a web guide on finding ebooks.

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