Hmmm. . . Obama or Romney? Who to choose, who to choose. . .





Are you wondering who should get your vote on November 6? Try this quiz from USA Today. After answering 14 questions on issues ranging from Medicare to Afghanistan to gay marriage and rating the importance of each issue to you, you will see how closely your opinions match the two candidates, Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.  Then you can enter the voting booth knowing which candidate agrees with you!

Still confused? Maybe you don’t know which party you should belong to—Democratic or Republican. In that case take this quiz from the Pew Research Center. After answering whether or not you agree that “business corporations make too much profit,”  “poor people have become too dependent on government assistance programs” and 10 other questions the responses you give will put you on a scale from very liberal to very conservative and tell you which party shares your opinions. You can also compare your results to other demographic groups.

Remember the last day to register to vote is October 15. For more information visit the Virginia State Board of Elections website.

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