Nationally known speaker Cindy Conner shares techniques for the backyard food gardener. Come learn to feed yourself using organic GROW BIOINTENSIVE tools to make your garden productive all year long. This workshop is presented during the Fool for Art festival—a free community event held by John Tyler Community College.


Saturday, April 9, 2011 • 11:00 a.m.
John Tyler Community College
Midlothian Campus, A113-115

About the Workshop

GROW BIOINTENSIVE Sustainable Mini-farming is a system that combines nutrition-based food production with closed-system soil fertility management, emphasizing reduced space. Learn about the eight elements of GROW BIOINTENSIVE from Cindy Conner, a certified Ecology Action GROW IOINTENSIVE Sustainable Mini-farming teacher.

About Cindy Conner

Cindy Conner founded Homeplace Earth to provide permaculture education with an emphasis on sustainable food production. She researches how to sustainably grow a complete diet in a small space at her home near Ashland, VA. Cindy holds a B.S. degree in Home Economics Education and a certificate in Permaculture Design. As a former market gardener, she established the Sustainable Agriculture Program at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College in Goochland, VA and taught there from 1999-2010.

More info:


John Jeavons GROW Biointensive Workshops

Homeplace Earth

Tool and Barrow photo from Ecology Action

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