Some Library Resources at a Standstill

Having problems accessing certain materials through the databases and online article indexes?  Thousands of students, researchers, and academics across the country are having the same issues.  Due to the federal government shutdown, many of the online resources used by John Tyler students and staff are being affected by the closures.  Some popular sites are available with limited materials and updates, while others are completely closed down.  The restricted access during this period has caused interruptions to full-text materials and error messages for many users.  Please contact the library if you have questions about which resources are affected.

Users can expect an interruption in service when using the following:

Limited access only:

Currently unavailable:


Have questions about something you cannot access?  Please contact the JTCC libraries to verify that the issue stems from the federal shutdown.  We hope access will be restored soon.  Stay tuned to LibrarySpace for updates!


Photo courtesy of the University of North Texas, 2013.

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