Fiction Friday: A Darker Shade of Magic

Ever wonder if a world almost exactly like your own exists somewhere else?  What if they existed in parallel to each other, but with differences- like magic?  In V.E. Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic, that is exactly how our worlds work.  Four Londons- Grey, Red, White, and Black all exist in parallel, but are closed to everyone except for the Antari, or blood magicians.

Grey London is the world we live in: it is non-magical and alive with humanity.  Red London is the stuff of imagination: filled with magic, but respected and balanced. White London is the stuff of nightmares: powerful and dark magic that feeds on humanity, not empowering it. And then there is Black London: completely consumed by magic with no humanity remaining.  Because of the collapse of Black London, the worlds were sealed to keep in the darkness that resonated from the darkest of worlds.

Kell, an Antari from Red London is both the royal messenger and adopted prince.  While on an errand for the crown in White London, Kell agrees to deliver a message for a commoner, something forbidden by the rules of travel between Londons.  Moments later, Kell realizes he has been set-up to deliver an outlawed magical relic from Black London.  Realizing his mistake, Kell quickly tries to fix it by returning to the non-magical Grey London, but is followed by the Antari of White London, Holland.  With the help of a thief, Delilah Bard, Kell manages to slip away from Holland and back into Red London. With contraband and a foreigner in tow, Kell must face Red London and the nightmares leaking out of White London.

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