Imagine waking up every morning not knowing who you are, where you are, or who you are with. Your body is at least 20 years older than it should be. Who is this man beside you? He says he is your husband and that you have been married for years.  You are dependent on him to tell you what your memory cannot.

As the day progresses you get a phone call from your doctor telling you where your journal is kept. You read about your husband, Ben, your son, Adam, your friend Claire, the tiny memories that you have recalled in the previous days. But there on the first page of your journal you have written, “Don’t trust Ben.”

Suffering from a rare form of amnesia, Christine Lucas must determine who, if anyone, she can trust in Before I Go To Sleep a debut novel by British author S. J. Watson and available at the John Tyler Community College library.

For more reading about memory try Moonwalking with Einstein: the art and science of remembering everything by Joshua Foer.

Written by Suzanne

Suzanne has loved books from an early age, and remembers reading her 24 volume World Book Encyclopedia set when she ran out of novels. Now that she works in a library, she will never run out of reading material again! Suzanne is a recent MLS graduate who loves working with students and technology.

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