Journalist Hannah Vogel is in Poland covering the 1938 St. Martin festival when it comes to her attention that thousands of Polish Jews are being deported from Germany. Her reporter instincts kick in and while investigating the death of a deportee she finds herself abducted by SS agents and taken across the border to Berlin. Before they reach Berlin, however, she is rescued by her son, Anton, and her former lover, Lars. Now unable to return to their home in Switzerland without proper identity papers, Hannah begins investigating the deportation of Polish Jews while she figures out how to get the three of them across the border into the safety of Switzerland. Though it puts her, Anton, and Lars in jeopardy, Hannah cannot leave the story alone.  Meanwhile, in Paris, a true incident is taking place: a German diplomat is attacked and a Jewish teen-ager is suspected. Tension mounts until the diplomat dies. Upon news of the death local Nazi party organizations and the SS rampage throughout Berlin smashing windows and looting Jewish businesses, homes, and synagogues in an incident that became known as Kristallnacht or “Night of Broken Glass.”

Fourth in a series of historical thrillers featuring reporter Hannah Vogel, City of Broken Glass explores the lives of ordinary Germans and German Jews leading up to the Kristallnacht. Cantrell puts her characters in danger filling the book with tension, suspense, and historical detail.

City of Broken Glass 336 pages

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