Fiction Friday: Don Quixote, A Classic with New Twists

It was four hundred years ago, in 1615, that Part Two of The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha was published, ten years after Part One. The volumes detailing the fantastical adventures of the idiosyncratic Don Quixote and his put-upon sidekick Sancho Paza received a small bewildered attention, but are now considered the beginning sparks of the modern novel, and as foundational to Western canonical literature.

Don Quixote was a figure in search of a reason, a man in need of a cause, burying himself in the codes and stories of chivalry to such an extent that he becomes convinced he must restore the ancient practice of chivalry and bring order and justice to the world.

Quixote’s creator was a Spanish man named Miguel Cervantes, who died in 1615, shortly after seeing the release of Part Two. This spring, Spanish excavators and forensic experts uncovered the remains of several bodies far under a convent in Madrid. Following long-held rumors, they are attempting to prove that Cervantes is indeed one of the buried. The man who actualized the quixotic quest can now be found, encouraging literary pilgrims worldwide to endeavor their own quests to the Miguel Cervantes monument.

Find out more about Cervantes and Don Quixote! Check out the novel or its graphic version at the JTCC libraries.

Don Quixote book coverDon Quijote by Miguel Cervantes 








Graphic Novel Cover- Don Quixote

The Complete Don Quixote by Miguel Cervantes and Rob Davis- graphic novel adaptation

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