Fiction Friday- Heroes of Olympus (Books 1 & 2)

Since it’s summer, this edition of Fiction Friday is a bit different.  Instead of highlighting one book, we want to show you a whole, ever expanding series. The library figures that because of all this beautiful summer weather, you may need more than one book to keep you busy!

For today’s entry, we have chosen the Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. You might think, “Hey that sounds familiar!?”  It probably is if you followed the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series or watched the motion pictures!  This series is the continuation of the adventures of Percy Jackson and his friends, but with more adult characters, excitement, and a bit of a twist- a whole world of Roman gods, demigods, monsters, and other ancient fiends.


Lost Hero Book CoverThe first book, The Lost Hero, tells the tale of Jason Grace, who wakes up with no memory of his past, but in the company of two Greek demigods, Piper and Leo.  Jason, Piper, and Leo find their way to the Greek demigod camp Half-Blood to discover their true identities, powers, and the quests facing them.  This story ignites a chain of events that is earth shaking- literally, shaking from the earth goddess Gaea- for everyone.




Son of Neptune Book CoverThe second book, The Son of Neptune, brings back the beloved Percy Jackson- except he has lost his memory.  All Percy knows is his name, that he is a demigod trained to fight, and one other name- Annabeth.  Once Percy discovers the Roman camp Jupiter for demigods, he meets fellow Roman demigods, Hazel and Frank, and start on an epic quest to retrieve his memory and the find out who or what is behind the name Annabeth.




There are currently two other books published in this series, The Mark of Athena and The House of Hades. Be on the lookout for another Fiction Friday post for those titles.  The next book in the series should hit library shelves around October 7th, 2014!  The Blood of Olympus promises tons of adventure and more earthshaking events for the heroes.

Happy reading from the dangerous book pushers at your JTCC libraries!

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