Orphaned Korobi Roy leads a sheltered life in Kolkata, India under the care of her doting grandparents. When she meets the handsome and charming Rajat Bose, the only son of prosperous business family, the two fall in love and become engaged. End of story? Not quite.

Unexpectedly Korobi’s grandfather dies shortly after the formal engagement ceremony unleashing a cascade of life-changing events. Korobi’s grandmother reveals her knowledge of Korobi’s parents—that Korobi’s father may still be alive and living in the U.S. Part mystery, part coming-of-age story Oleander Girl follows Korobi’s search for her father across post 9/11 America. A tough and beautiful survivor just like the oleander flower for which she is named, Korobi learns independence and resourcefulness even when issues of race, class and sexism arise.

With secondary characters that are both endearing and infuriating and rich details of life in one of India’s biggest cities Oleander Girl will capture and hold your attention to the very last page.

Oleander Girl 288 pages

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