Fiction Friday: The Magicians (Book 1)

Quentin Coldwater,  a sulky, high-achieving, high school senior preparing for a college entrance interview finds himself thrown into a magical world of learning- more precisely, a magical college called Brakebills.

To be accepted into the prestigious institution, students must pass a rigorous entrance exam to test their magic ability.  After admittance, Quentin finds what he longed for, a place to feel accepted and people who accepted him. During his time at Brakebills, Quentin finds friendship, fun, and love all while studying modern sorcery. Quentin’s abilities places him with the physical kids, an elite group of Brakebill’s students with the particular skills in physical sorcery. It is not until after graduation, does Quentin, Alice, Eliot, Janice, Josh, and Penny all discover that magic opens a myriad of unknown worlds that were once thought to be fictional.

The group finds themselves in what they thought to be a world of children’s stories, Fillory.  The stories of Fillory were published after World War I, by an American writer and claimed to detail the tales of a family of children in England, the Chatwins.  In these tales, the children always find themselves suddenly whisked away to the magical land of Fillory where animals talk and they are kings and queens of the land- very much like the stories of The Chronicles of Narnia.  Quentin grew up on the Fillory stories and cherished these works of fantasy throughout his childhood and oddly, into his teenage years.  Suddenly, they are faced with Fillory, but not quite the Fillory they all expected.

Fillory is a much darker, mysterious, and magical world than they could ever imagine.  Quentin and company must use their magic to save themselves and the rest of Fillory from the Beast.  Their success depends on the strength of their magical abilities, but is it enough?  Could magic be too much for them to handle?

Check out The Magicians by Lev Grossman at the Midlothian library! 

Watch for upcoming Fiction Fridays on The Magician King and The Magician’s Land to conclude the series!

Magicians Trilogy Book Covers

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