The Secret Keeper, a new novel by Australian author Kate Morton opens in 1961 with young Laurel Nicolson witnessing her mother stab a strange, sinister man.  Moving back and forth through time and space the events leading up to that moment are slowly uncovered. Fifty years after the stabbing Laurel’s mother is dying. Recognizing that she doesn’t have much time to learn the secrets of her mother’s past, Laurel and her brother Gerry embark on an investigation. Did the strange man have any association with their mother? What was their mother’s connection to the man’s long dead wife—who was killed during the Blitz?

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From Australia in the early 1920s to Oxford, England in the present Morton reveals hints about a woman with a mysterious past. Laurel learns of her mother’s employment during the early years of World War II London as a companion to wealthy, eccentric Lady Gwendolyn and her friendship with her neighbor, the beautiful if remote Viven Jenkins. But through flashbacks it becomes clear that not all of Dorothy’s history is as it seems to be.

Fans of Kate Morton’s previous works, The House at Riverton and The Forgotten Garden will enjoy the same character development and sense of mystery.

The Secret Keeper 484 pages

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