According to an AP story appearing in major newspapers including the Washington Post and the Worcester, Massachusetts Telegram increasing the number of hours you sleep may also increase your grade point average. Colleges and universities are paying attention to such wisdom. At Brown University a campus-wide program publicizes the importance of a good night’s rest and the University of Louisville is offering Flash Nap Workshops to “lock in learning while you easily and efficiently restore vitality.” A search on the library database Academic Search Complete revealed several studies of college student sleeping patterns bolstering the notion that sleep and academic success go hand in hand.  The author of the AP article, Justin Pope, cites an example at Massachusetts’s Deerfield Academy which moved class starting times from 7:55 am to 8:30 am among other measures and reported a record rise in GPAs.

But if early wake-up calls are unavoidable for you Lifehacker offers these tips to get you going:

  • Heat your room: either with an automatic thermostat or a space heater on an outlet timer.
  • Stretch: while still in bed take a few deep breaths and think about the day to come.
  • Set up a great music alarm.

See you in the morning!

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