Stuck without a flash drive? No access to a desktop computer?

Create and load your documents into Google Documents. Google Docs comes automatically with John Tyler email. Have access to all of your docs anywhere with an internet connection or smart phone. No flash drive needed!

With Google docs you can:

  • Upload any file for simple access
  • Create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. No need to purchase Microsoft Office.
  • Share your work in real time with the collaboration tool.

Find the link to Google docs on your JTCC email page.

Need more information? Check out the videos and tutorials on the Google Docs page.

Written by Suzanne

Suzanne has loved books from an early age, and remembers reading her 24 volume World Book Encyclopedia set when she ran out of novels. Now that she works in a library, she will never run out of reading material again! Suzanne is a recent MLS graduate who loves working with students and technology.

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  1. Christine

    I could not locate the Google docs link on the JTCC staff outlook email or JTCC webmail. Can you direct me to the location?


  2. Suzanne

    Google Docs are connected to the Google email that all students, faculty and staff have. This is the one that has the odd mix of initials and numbers, the one that is accessed through MyTyler. When you do sign in to JTCCs Google mail, the link is at the top, above and to the right of the VCCS logo.

    Hidden mail and webspace! Hope this helps.

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