Pabellón, a Venezuelan dish made of shredded beef, rice, and black beans with sugar on top.

They say that to understand a culture, you have to eat its cuisine. As we continue celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, we wanted to present a selection of different Hispanic cuisines. After all, many cultures can be categorized as “Hispanic” and they all have very different food. For example, traditional Mexican tacos are not common in Venezuela. Venezuela shares their love for arepas with Colombia, Guyana, and Caribbean nations but arepas are uncommon in Andean cultures. Peru’s national dish is a seafood meal called ceviche. Tropical Central & South American cultures eat plantains as a staple in their diet, whereas people from Argentine and Chilean cultures may have fewer fruit dishes than their equatorial neighbors. Traditional cuisine is the descendants of both a place and a people. Cooking up recipes, in a small way, echoes another place–perhaps near, perhaps far away.

Discover more about Hispanic cuisine with these amazing cookbooks from the JTCC Libraries.

Cocina Tropical: The Classic & Contemporary Flavors of Puerto RicoCocina Tropical: The Classic & Contemporary Flavors of Puerto Rico by Jose Santaella
Midlothian TX716.P8 S26 2014


Explore the tropical flavors and rich culinary traditions of America’s island paradise. Puerto Rico, a land of gorgeous beaches and luxurious resorts, also boasts a rich culinary culture with a mix of influences: Spanish, African, Taíno (Native American), and French. For adventurous mainland cooks in pursuit of exotic flavors, this book offers exciting new territory, and for Puerto Rican descendants everywhere, it pays tribute to the beloved homeland. Jose Santaella presents foods that only a local would know: the tradition of lechón—spit-roasted suckling pig—in the mountains near the rainforest, or dumplings of mashed plantains with land crab hand-rolled in ramshackle shacks along the shore. Among the book’s more than one hundred recipes are classics like Salt Cod Fritters with Piqué and Fried Whole Snapper with Pineapple and Cilantro Salsa, as well as contemporary creations, such as Avocado and Papaya Salad and Curried Goat with Lime and Orange Rice. Cocina Tropical captures the flavors and spirit of this truly enchanting island.


The Everything Peruvian Cookbook: Includes Conchitas a la Parmesana, Chicken Empanadas, Arroz con Mariscos, Classic Fish Cebiche, Tres Leches Cake and hundreds more!The Everything Peruvian Cookbook by Morena Cuadra
Chester TX716.P4 C83 2013


From delicious dips to exotic entrees and desserts, The Everything Peruvian Cookbook is the perfect introduction to the latest culinary trend that is sweeping the food world. Peruvian cuisine is popping up in cities all over, and now popular food bloggers Morena Cuadra and Morena Escardó will teach you how to make these exciting dishes right at home!

You’ll find recipes for 300 vibrant, flavorful dishes, including:
Tamale-style quinoa stew
Aji de gallina
Lima bean tacu tacu
Yemecillas acarameladas (Candied Egg Yolk Confections)

Pisco sour

The Everything Peruvian Cookbook is filled with eclectic and unique recipes that come from the native Quechua culture, and Spanish, African, Japanese, and Chinese cooking traditions. With this cookbook on hand, your guests will be begging for seconds!


Death by Burrito: Mexican street food to die forDeath by Burrito: Mexican Street Food to Die For by Shay Ola
Midlothian TX716.M4 O43 2014


Delicious modern recipes from Death by Burrito, the revolutionary Mexican eatery based at the Catch bar in the heart of Shoreditch, with a new branch recently opened in central London.
A far cry from the Tex-Mex style of Mexican fast food, where cheese and mince dominate, the dishes in Death by Burrito put taste first – the truly exceptional range of starters, main meals and sides prioritises fresh, vibrant flavours: Smoked Beef Short Rib Mole Tacos, Deconstructed Guacamole with Blue Corn Tortillas and Crab Cakes also look stunning on the plate.



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