Or should I ask does your garden grow? Here in central Virginia we have had colder than normal temperatures this spring. Despite that the longer hours of daylight have many people thinking of planting, tilling and eventually reaping a bountiful harvest. Gardening tips abound both on the web and in print.

  • The Virginia Cooperative Extension, part of Virginia Tech and Virginia State University, has tons of information on gardening and landscaping for both homeowners and farmers. It also has links to county extension offices including…
  • the Chesterfield County Extension Office which is offering a Learn Your Landscape program.
  • For tips on maintaining your ornamental landscapes try the National Arboretum which has instructions and pictures on things like dividing your daylilies and “How to make your amaryllis bloom again.”
  • The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries has advice on planting and maintaining a woodland garden. No telling what creatures might show up in your yard!

Of course the John Tyler libraries have a wide selection of books on gardening, garden planning and pest control. You can browse in the SB section of the library where you can find these and other great titles:

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