Are life sciences getting you down? The library has resources to help you study and learn. Some resources may be just a click away.

On the web you can find:

  • Scritable, a web site developed by Nature magazine with information on cell biology, genetics, and other life sciences.
  • with links to medical illustrations.
  • for easy to understand, colorful anatomy illustrations.
  • Study stack for flash cards in biology and many other subjects. Try the stack at the end of this post to test your knowledge of cell biology. Click the card for the correct answer.

In the library look for:

But that’s not all! For use in the library both campus libraries have models of brains, kidneys, joints, skin, muscle men and many others.

So what is a Golgi apparatus, you might ask? According to the Facts on file dictionary of biology it is an organelle of eukaryotic cells. And for further clarification you’ll have to read up yourself!

More flashcards and educational activitites at

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