The libraries at John Tyler are embracing some new tools for learning, including our very own Makerspaces!

What, you may ask, is a Makerspace?

In a literal sense, a Makerspace is an open lab, with free materials, in which you can focus your creativity by designing, innovating, and mastering concepts for the real world.

It is a designated area that offers resources to promote student synthesis of knowledge. By embracing the concept of kinetic learning and innovation, the student can take control of their knowledge and its applications.


Business leaders in all fields have been asking for one thing: innovation. Working hands-on in a creative setting is valuable for students entering the workforce. Generally, the more creative and hands-on experience a candidate has, the more likely they are to succeed.


We all know the human mind digests information in auditory and visual ways, as well as experientially. Most of us have a primary learning style (for example, a primary visual learner more easily retains the diagrams and pictures from a class, rather than the words from the lecture). But ALL of us learn best when we engage in multiple styles of learning. And that’s where students benefit in a Makerspace.

You probably didn’t learn to ride a bike because someone showed you a diagram on how to pedal. And if you hadn’t seen a sibling or parent ride one first, chances are it would have been difficult to figure out how to even climb onto one!

The ability of the human mind to internally visualize is valuable, but it is not the only way to learn. So why keep our studying experience limited to noses stuck in books or eyes glued to computer screens?

What does my local JTCC Makerspace offer?

The Makerspace at John Tyler Midlothian campus includes many options for innovation, but also for relaxation after stressful times in class. Believe it or not, giving your brain a break from active memorization benefits you too!

Please don’t be afraid to approach library faculty and staff to ask for help. The Makerspace cubbies are full of supplies and are open access, at all hours the library operates.

Currently Midlothian Library hosts the following crafts/supplies for use:

Magic Wands (similar to K’Nex)
Yarn (knitting and crochet needles)
Cloth Loops (and looms for potholder weaving)
Kinetic Sand


Chester Makerspace details are here!


Remember, the way you use this space is up to you, and what you create is up to you! Whether it’s a cell diagram for greater understanding of biological systems, or knitting a scarf for your best friend, no way is the wrong way. All we ask is that you are respectful of fellow students.

If you have any suggestions for Makerspace crafts or tools, please let a library staff or faculty member know! We hope you engage and enjoy.

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