mental health Mondays

You have done it!

You made it through a semester filled with projects, deadlines, oral presentations, tests–all in the middle of a pandemic.

Conquer your finals with confidence:

  • Study early in a distraction-limited space. Stuck at home with lots of other people? Talk to your family about scheduling interruption-free study time.
  • Choose a study space that works for you. 
  • Schedule breaks. Your mind and anxiety levels will thank you!
  • Get enough sleep. It’s the advice your mom always gave and it’s still true.
  • Celebrate after you finish your finals. Maybe that means making cookies, Skyping with your best friend, or streaming a new movie. Do something that makes you happy.
  • Keep perspective. You’ve been through a lot this year. Whatever your grade, be proud of your effort and resilience. You have accomplished so much.

Best wishes from the Library Staff!

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