In the previous two posts we have explored mobile apps of use to John Tyler students as well as apps for researchers and other students. In this third and last post we look at some great apps for book lovers, history buffs and others.



Recommended Mobile Apps for eBooks and Audiobooks

  •  Google Play Books:  Google Play Books makes it easy to search and browse for thousands of classic, out-of-copyright titles that can be downloaded for free and read on your mobile device.
  • iBooks:  iBooks is Apple’s version of a mobile eBook library, which includes titles for purchase as well as thousands of free titles available for download.
  • Kobo:  This app includes access to free, out-of-copyright classic texts. Books and periodicals come with icons in-text next to important keywords and phrases.  Clicking on the icon allows the user to automatically find more information about the keyword or phrase on Wikipedia or Google.




Other Noteworthy Apps

  •  Qwiki: Uniquely presented to maximize multimedia, Qwiki is uses thousands of sources to present concise, interactive summaries of millions of people, places and things.
  • Evernote:  One of the most popular note applications, Evernote allows the user to remember everything and record notes on the go.
  • Zite Personalized Magazine: Zite is a highly customizable app which creates a user-specific digital magazine based on your interests.
  • Civil War Battle Apps: Civil War Battle Apps are a unique set of mobile apps that can take you on a virtual tour of six different Civil War battle sites.

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