Technology should make your life more efficient and simple, right? And until personal robot assistants are available, make RSS feeds YOUR personal information tool.

What is RSS? RSS is how you can get it together and Get Things Done.

RSS is an acronym that few agree on.

  • Really Simple Syndication
  • Rich Site Summary
  • RDF Site Summary
  • Read Some Stories

But like many pieces of modern technology, you do not need to know how it is built to make it work for you. (Think of a car; do you need to know how an internal combustion engine works to drive to a friend’s house?)

RSS feeds let your computer know when a website has been updated. Instead of checking daily your favorite websites, news sites and blogs, RSS does it for you and then notifies you. This way you only need to check–and read–the ones that have new information. You can monitor 100s of feeds, on hundreds of interesting topics, stay current on every one, and waste no time. Sounds good!

Feed Readers or Online Aggregators make this process even simpler. Sites like Bloglines, Pageflakes, and GoogleReader all monitor your chosen feeds. Login to the site–much like web mail–and all of your feeds are available to you. You can access the info online and read directly in the reader, saving time and staying current.

Need more information? Try this quick movie overview:

Video Explanation of RSS

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