October Madness- Candy Edition

Do you like candy?

Who are we kidding – of course you do! The question is WHAT KIND of candy you like.

So, we created a bracket about candy.

Welcome to October madness! (It’s like March madness but with candy and no basketball.)

These next two weeks (starting on Oct. 10th) we will have two choices available to vote between every few days. The bracket will update as votes come in!

Vote for the candy you like the most, because on Halloween, the winning candy will be available for you to snack on in the library.

Happy voting, and Happy October Madness!

Check out our starting bracket below:

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  1. Shannon

    Twix, Reese’s PB cups, Skittles and Candy corn are my votes

  2. monica phillipa

    I love to read books mostly I went to the library to read books it helps me to think positively and gives good vibes. books giving knowledge about life, nature, and many more things.

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