Why are some people super-successful–and other just drift along in obscurity? Does success require brains, opportunity, luck or some other unidentifiable trait? Is the idea of the self-made man a myth or a reality? What real goes in to becoming an outstanding success–an Outlier?

Malcolm Gladwell explores the making of successful people through a series of stories and anecdotes, and by using such diverse examples as Bill Gates, The Beatles, and Robert Oppenheimer. His conclusions are very surprising.

On another level, Outliers is enjoyable just for its nuggets of trivia–and what that trivia means. Find out in what month most pro Hockey players are born, and why. Discover why having immigrant garment worker parents is the key to becoming a successful lawyer in New York City. See how a pilot born in Australia is less likely to cause an airline crash than a pilot born in Columbia. But in addition to the fun facts, this book examines how success is shaped and suggests how you can be an Outlier too.

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