#WorthReading – A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore

Tyler Libraries have more than just academic titles. Our Books Worth Reading series highlights some digital titles for fun and lifelong learning. A Dirty Job By Christopher Moore Recommended by Suzanne Sherry   From Overdrive: Charlie Asher is a beta male, one of the countless guys who survive in the gene pool by doggie paddling in the shallow end. He doesn't take risks and he seriously hates change. But Charlie's safe life is about to take a really weird detour. On the day his daughter, Sophie, is born, his wife dies of a…continue reading →

Six Feet Away; AKA A List of More Interesting Things to Say Other Than 6 Ft

“Friendships - and indeed most relationships – are measured in the closeness of hearts, minds and soul ties... not in the distance of physical miles or even the passing of time.” -Rasheed Ogunlaru   In the day and era of social distancing, we keep hearing one measurement repeated over and over and over again: Six feet. At face value, it seems like a rather arbitrary distance. Six feet? It’s a relatively common height amongst the human population. It’s also considered part of the deep end of the swimming pool. Six feet is so…continue reading →

Congratulations – A Commencement Poem

Congratulations - A Commencement Poem by Library Staff member Rebeca Parrott Everyone's saying "we're here for you." "In this together." "We'll get through." But your actions backed it up--homework is hard enough before schedules erupt with a pandemic. So we cheer for you--for submitted projects, Zoom-weary classes, completed tests, final grades. You made it. You did it. While the world "stayed home." Take pride. Take courage. Blaze trails.   Congratulations and sincere best wishes from #TeamLibrary at JTCC.continue reading →

Mental Health Mondays: Celebrate Your Finals!

You have done it! You made it through a semester filled with projects, deadlines, oral presentations, tests--all in the middle of a pandemic. Conquer your finals with confidence: Study early in a distraction-limited space. Stuck at home with lots of other people? Talk to your family about scheduling interruption-free study time. Choose a study space that works for you.  Schedule breaks. Your mind and anxiety levels will thank you! Get enough sleep. It's the advice your mom always gave and it's still true. Celebrate after you finish your finals. Maybe that means making cookies, Skyping…continue reading →

Mental Health Mondays: Poetry & Stress

William Wordsworth, a famous English poet from the Romantic era, defined poetry as "the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility." Is it any wonder that people have turned to poetry to help them process their emotions? Writing your thoughts can be a great catharsis to stress. Poets through the ages have fueled their emotions into creative efforts. Writer's Digest lists 8 benefits of writing poetry: Poetry is good for developmental learning Poetry is good for developing skills Poetry helps improve ideas Poetry is therapeutic for…continue reading →