Banned Books Week – Celebrate Intellectual Freedom September 22-28

Even though the ability to express our thoughts is a fiercely protected right in America, censorship still exists. Censorship is the attempt to remove certain content from public places because it is upsetting in some way. The top five ways that books were censored in 2018 included (in no order): Vandalizing pages Hiding resources Burning books Requiring parental permission to access content Removing materials While this may seem like a problem of the past, just last month (August 2019) there was another story about an attempt to censor materials. The oft-challenged “Harry Potter” series was once again removed from a…continue reading →

Tyler Tips: Printing!

The print system in the library got some upgrades over the summer. Here is a rundown of the new changes: Add funds with a debit or credit card! You asked and we (meaning our IT department) answered. Students can now add funds to their printing account online using a debit card, credit card, or PayPal. Prefer cash? No problem. The cash method is still available. Log into the printer with your MyTyler information. Forget your student ID card in the car? Don't panic. Simply use the alternate method of signing into the printer.…continue reading →

Tyler Tips: How to Install Office 365

Hello, fellow learners.  Deadlines can be stressful enough without the added worry of file incompatibilities. Most of us have been there: you’re trying to submit an assignment and INVALID FILE TYPE or something similar flashes angrily across the center of your screen. It’s a real bummer.  One way of avoiding this is to use the correct software, since most built-in word processors have more basic versions of the required Microsoft Office that aren’t always accepted by online submitting portals. Don’t worry about it! Through your enrollment at this institution, you have access to…continue reading →

Welcome, Trailblazers, to Fall Semester 2019!

Welcome, trailblazers! A new semester has started, bringing new goals and new challenges. The library is your on-campus site for study, research, and collaboration. In addition to the improved book collections at each campus, the library also has several new projects this semester that we are excited about: New Technology: Office 2019 is now installed on all library computers. New Collections: Chester has an expanded Early Childhood Materials Center (ECMC) and Midlothian has a new section dedicated to this broad range of materials for teaching children and young adults. Also, teachers can peruse our Faculty…continue reading →

#WorthReading: Flights of Fantasy

According to an article “Why are Adults Reading YA books” on a little more than half of the reading audience are adult readers. In fact, “A 2012 survey found that 55% of YA readers are adults. In fact, the largest (and growing!) segment in the market for YA literature are adults aged between 30 and 44 years (which accounts for 28% of all sales).” In just the last 10 years of working in the public library, I’ve noticed a significant increase on amount of new YA books that have been added to…continue reading →