Meet a Librarian: Suzanne Sherry

Suzanne Sherry is our new Director of Library Services at John Tyler Community College. Suzanne previously worked at JTCC Libraries as a Digital Services Specialist, and we are happy to have her back.  As a veteran to the VCCS, Suzanne brings experience in technology, web design, and instruction. Suzanne holds a Master of Library and Information Science from Florida State University and a Bachelor of the Arts in English from William & Mary.   Why don’t you share a little bit about yourself? I’m Suzanne Sherry, Library Director for John Tyler Libraries. I’ve…continue reading →

You Can Make It at the MakerSpace

It is easy to get caught up in the stress of college, especially when you have to balance it with your career, your relationships, and the overall journey of life. We hope to be a place where you can channel your stress into a creative activity, and maybe even make something you will keep for years to come!  The Chester Campus Makerspace was initiated in mid-August 2018.  It's located to the left of the entrance as you walk in. You'll find a tiered display showing off the results of our latest event, followed by…continue reading →

Halloween & History

Halloween - a time of year marked by adventures through decorated neighborhoods and the consumption of candy. But do you know the holiday’s origins? The origins of Halloween begin with the ancient Celts, from over 2000 years ago in the first century B.C.E. For the ancient Europeans, this was a time of darkness, but it marked the beginning of the year in their calendar. Darkness did not always have a negative connotation to ancient peoples of the world; this was a time of harvest as well as a time of death, where many…continue reading →

Frances E. W. Harper – Trailblazing Poet

October 24 marks the birth of one of America's great poets and civil rights activists, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper was born in Maryland in 1825. Born into a free family, she had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and loved to read. By age 20, she had published her first book of poetry and by age 34, she became the first African-American to have a short story published. It's incredible to think that it took until 1859 for that to happen! Frances did not just write poetry and short stories. She also became a…continue reading →

Indigenous Peoples Day

Indigenous Peoples Day This week at John Tyler Library (Midlothian), we celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day. As a Virginia resident, you may realize that many place names in your hometown are Native American in origin, or you be a member of a Native American tribe yourself! Regardless of your connection, there is no doubt that the presence and influence of Native Americans remains integral to the story of Virginia. The following is the list of recognized Native American Tribes in Virginia: Chickahominy Eastern Chickahominy Upper Mattaponi Mattaponi Rappahannock Monacan Nansemond Pamunkey Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Nottoway…continue reading →