Artist Spotlight: Jack Goolsby Pottery

If you come to the Midlothian campus library, you may have noticed the blue vase guarding our graphic novel section. The Library is once again proud to display the pottery of JTCC art student Jack Goolsby. He provided this information about his Onggi pot: "Planter By Jack Goolsby 2018 - Cone 6 Stoneware This planter is made using a paddle & anvil technique. In Korea, storage jars made this way and of this size are called “Onggi”. They are used to ferment and store vegetables.  Kim Chee (fermented cabbage) is a familiar example. …continue reading →

VIVA’s Open Textbook Network + Libraries = Student Savings!

The Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA) is a consortium of Virginia's non-profit, academic libraries that provide access online databases and research materials for member institutions.  Since inception, VIVA strives to level the academic playing field by providing essential education resources to member institutions.  John Tyler Community College's Libraries are proud VIVA members!  VIVA allows the Tyler Libraries to provide a myriad of academic materials and collections to our students and faculty without incurring the financial burden of paying for these resources individually.  Now VIVA is tackling a different financial hurdle, textbooks. This wonderful consortium…continue reading →
Tyler Libraries’ Tribute to Black History Month

Tyler Libraries’ Tribute to Black History Month

In honor of the rich cultures and histories found within America's black communities, the Tyler libraries are proud to celebrate Black History Month by sharing the libraries' bountiful collections of inspiring stories and works of black artists, poets, activists, historians, writers, and leaders. Please visit either campus library for our Black History Month displays or speak with library staff about particular people, events, or works of interest! The following titles are available for checkout at the Tyler Libraries.  Click on the item's title link to request via QuickSearch to hold at the libraries'…continue reading →

Warming Recipes to Break the Winter Chill

"To feel safe and warm on a cold night, all you really need is soup." - Laurie Colwin The recent cold has taken its toll on Virginians who love their state's rather mild winters.  Stop by the Midlothian Library and check out the cooking display guaranteed to combat the chill!continue reading →

Legacy of Dr. Woody Horton, Information Literacy Pioneer

As a library devoted to the importance of information literacy, we are saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. Woody Horton, an influential figure in information literacy and library information services. Dr. Horton worked as a programmer on one of IBM's earliest computers before becoming a diplomat. Later, he would enter the academic field, teaching and writing hundreds of articles about information literacy. He also co-founded the National Forum on Information Literacy. You can read more about Dr. Horton here.  continue reading →