Now Hiring! Apply for Jobs On-Campus

Are you a John Tyler student looking for a job? Apply for an on-campus job. Below are the descriptions written by each department seeking student workers. Library Student Worker: "Tyler Libraries are hiring student workers to join our team in the Fall semester! We are seeking detail-oriented, motivated individuals who are passionate about serving their fellow students in creative ways. No library experience is required, but you must be enrolled in at least one class for the Fall semester to be considered. Apply here. We will be conducting interviews via Zoom in the…continue reading →

Curiosity Crew – Join the Conversation

Are you tired of talking to the same people day in and day out? Are you interested in what’s going on in the world? Do you have opinions and want to discuss them? Then JTCC Libraries has the group for you! The Curiosity Crew is a group that meets every other week to discuss a variety of topics such as current events, psychology, biology, and technology. Each meeting revolves around a specific article or video, as well as supplemental materials. Our goal is to facilitate insightful and respectful discussion among peers where we…continue reading →

#WorthReading: History for Non-History Lovers

History seems to elicit one of two responses from people. On one hand, you have the people who really enjoy it and genuinely get excited about history. They can’t get enough of it and are constantly searching for more materials to read and watch. On the other hand, there’s the people who dislike history. It just isn’t their favorite subject, and often the reason is that the material and how it’s presented is incredibly dry and boring. As a history major, I obviously was one of those people who found history fascinating. I…continue reading →

Contactless Book Loans Coming June 15!

Starting Monday, June 15, you can request books & pick them up in a convenient, contactless way. When? Pick-up hours are 8AM to 5PM Monday-Friday on both campuses. How? Place your requests online. After receiving an e-mail from the library, pick up your book as soon as possible. Please wear a face mask in accordance with the Governor’s order. Requests left after 1 week will be cancelled.   Where? For Midlothian pick-ups: Administration Building Lobby                 For Chester pick-ups: Nicholas Student Center Lobby  Contact us at with any questions.   FAQs: How…continue reading →

Mental Health Monday: Have Another Cup of Tea

There are multiple ways in which we can alleviate the stress that sometimes consumes us. Drinking tea is one of my personal favorites. It's something good for us physically that can also be good for us mentally. In this time between winter and spring when the cold can’t quite let go but the bugs and plants are arriving en force, it can be difficult to commit to one kind of comforting beverage. Fortunately, with tea, you don’t have to choose! You can brew cold or hot tea, so there are multiple ways to enjoy…continue reading →