Scary Good Books – Why We Enjoy Getting Scared

Every year, October brings wind, falling leaves, and a new round of scary books and movies. Nothing pairs so well with windy nights as a spine-tingling thriller. Considering that no one would ever want to live through the events in our favorite thriller, why do we enjoy getting scared? Horror novelist Lou Morgan argues that horror stories and thrillers give us “safe place for a stern truth.”¹ We have to face our own fears in them, and become a little more able to overcome real life terrors. Prominent thinker G. K. Chesterton in…continue reading →

300 Years of Gothic Novels

2017 marks the 300th birthday of novelist, Horace Walpole, who wrote the very first Gothic novel. The Castle of Otranto was published in 1764 and featured a series of terrible events set in a medieval castle which eventually “comes to supernatural life until villainy is defeated.”¹ Filled with ghosts, secret passages, and murder, The Castle of Otranto was a popular hit and critically significant for how the atmosphere, even the castle itself, reflected the inner turmoil of the main character Manfred. Since then, elements of the Gothic novel like haunted houses, supernatural environments,…continue reading →

Make Your Voice Heard at the Library

Do you remember growing up and being told at the library to use your inside voice? Well, we want to hear your voice. At each campus library, you will find a whiteboard with a question for the week. Share your response by writing on the board with the provided dry-erase markers. This week, we want to know what is one book that changed your life. Respond below! Here's a sampling of the books other students have said changed their lives: Looking for Alaska by John Green Chester F910.5 .J46 2001      …continue reading →

It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It)

from, Creative Commons Zero license Music is a universal language. Wherever one may find themselves in the world, they will find that music is a tongue in which all humans speak. There is something beautiful about that fact that a song can be heard by millions of people, yet it can mean something different to each one. This reminds us that no matter how diverse we are, everyone, at the core, shares similar life experiences. Books do something similar. When we read, we enter a world that feels completely unique to us.…continue reading →

Hispanic Heritage Month – Cooking Up Culture

Pabellón, a Venezuelan dish made of shredded beef, rice, and black beans with sugar on top. They say that to understand a culture, you have to eat its cuisine. As we continue celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, we wanted to present a selection of different Hispanic cuisines. After all, many cultures can be categorized as "Hispanic" and they all have very different food. For example, traditional Mexican tacos are not common in Venezuela. Venezuela shares their love for arepas with Colombia, Guyana, and Caribbean nations but arepas are uncommon in Andean cultures. Peru's national…continue reading →