Print smart!

John Tyler encourages everyone to think green, even in the library. Everyone can help conserve paper and ink by printing smart. Before hitting print, think. Do I only need a section of this longer document? You can print a few pages of the article or web page rather than an entire book. PowerPoint: did you know you can print multiple slides per page? These condensed handouts can have 3 or more slides to a piece of paper (and then have less paper to drag around).Go to Print Preview and change the format of…continue reading →

Outliers: The Story of Success

Why are some people super-successful--and other just drift along in obscurity? Does success require brains, opportunity, luck or some other unidentifiable trait? Is the idea of the self-made man a myth or a reality? What real goes in to becoming an outstanding success--an Outlier? Malcolm Gladwell explores the making of successful people through a series of stories and anecdotes, and by using such diverse examples as Bill Gates, The Beatles, and Robert Oppenheimer. His conclusions are very surprising. On another level, Outliers is enjoyable just for its nuggets of trivia--and what that trivia…continue reading →

The Morlocks Are Out At TCM

One of the best film blogs on the web is, the official blog for Turner Classic Movies. The term Morlocks refers to the subterranean creatures first introduced by H. G. Wells in his novel The Time Machine and later brought to life on the screen by the film. The site features an eclectic mix of these "morlocks;" regular writers who cover a wide variety of film related topics. Each brings their own personality, interest and expertise to their articles and all share a passion for film that comes through in their writing. Some entries can be lighthearted, such as this…continue reading →

Get Published!

Ever dream of seeing your name in print? Want to share your art with the world? Send it to Sherwood Forest! Sherwood Forest Literary Review is the annual publication of award winning JTCC student art and writing. Current JTCC students are invited to submit entries in the categories of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry and art.  All entries are submitted electronically to and are due by Friday, January 23 at 5 p.m.  Here are the details: All entries must be the student's original work.  Students may submit two entries, one per category. Art entries must…continue reading →

Free citations!

Do we have your attention now? Preparing the bibliography of a paper can be a detailed and time-consuming process. BUT technology can make the process a bit less painful. The EBSCO databases have citations tools built into the system--use them! Below is a screen shot from a journal article from the database. The yellow page (circled in the picture) is the link to the citation tools. Clicking the citation button will bring you to the citation page, where you can choose from MLA, APA, and other citation styles.  These can then be copied…continue reading →