Tuesday night will be very close to heaven for political junkies.  Even if you don’t live and breathe Fox News or MSNBC, you may be fascinated to watch the results come in.  For immediate, easy access to results from the Old Dominion, the Virginia State Board of Elections website will post results from the presidential race beginning at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow.  There’s also a link on that page to full results for all statewide races, including the contest for senator between Jim Gilmore and Mark Warner.

All of the usual sites will carry election coverage from Foxnews.com to Nbc.com.  Get the British take on the election at  The Guardian.  BTW, this is a serious journal – with a dating service!   Check out Guardian Soulmates.

Get the wacky, offbeat/off color, humorous angle from The Onion.  (Typical headlines:  “Struggling Americans Forced To Work Extra-Dimensional Fourth Shift” and “Bill Clinton Starts Own Presidential School.”) Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics has turned himself into a nationally recognized political pundit.  His website, modestly named The Crystal Ball, has Larry’s take on the election, his Electoral College forecast, and all things political.

Conservatives have long felt that much of the media tilt left (see MSNBC as an example) , so take a look at CNS News, Cybercast News Service, for the news from one conservative perspective.  The liberal viewpoint is well represented by  MoveOn.org, Democracy in Action.

Tired of peering at a computer screen?  Check out Red State, Blue State, Rich State, Poor State :  why Americans vote the way they do by  Andrew Gelman from the JTCC Library and …..Read all about it!

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