Did you ever sit down to write a paper and wish that you knew more about the process of writing? Or did you ever look at your topic and wish you could get a list of books to get you started? Research for written assignments can be challenging. The John Tyler libraries have created resources to make your assignments less daunting. We’ve started the research for you in our Research Guides.

The goal of Research Guides is to provide a collection of resources on a single topic so you don’t have to start your research from scratch. We have Research Guides on certain topics of study like Theatre Studies and Nursing as well as the writing process and citation styles. Look for the Massage Therapy Guide coming soon!

To access the Research Guides from the main library site, choose Research Guides under Research Help.



You will see a list of guides on different topics. Here is a look at the Citations Research Guide.


 No need to search the Internet for examples of citations styles. It’s already here at your fingertips.

What sorts of Research Guides would you like to see added to the library website? Comment below or let a librarian know.

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