As we swing further into the spring semester, and further into March, it can be tempting to shun learning that doesn’t directly relate to classes. I promise there won’t be a test on this.

Picture of cookies that have less to do with St. Patrick’s Day and more to do with consumerism.

Like most holidays, St. Patrick’s Day barely resembles the original inspiration for it. The man himself was an enslaved European of unknown descent who rid the Irish of certain religious peoples. Not snakes, although that is a theory as to why Ireland has no snakes.

Nowadays the most anyone recalls, at least stateside, is that St. Patrick is an excuse for drinking, pinching those not wearing green (or orange, depending on your local traditions), and eating any teal-tinted pastries that you can get your hands on. Within safe boundaries – boundaries both legal and personal – there is no reason to avoid these behaviors, as long as we all remember, however hazily, the man who inspired this day of parades.

For more information on the man, myth, and reason for call-outs on March 17, visit these links. Like I said, there won’t be a test. You can be that person who whips out facts over frosted cookies and Irish coffee, or sit silent and judgmental, knowing that you possess knowledge that few other people bother to look up on Wikipedia.

Some of these are more or less reputable.

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