In a study room, not far away…

It is a time of intense focus and strife. Blue and yellow highlighters litter the floor while mind maps, index cards, and extensive outlines are spread out before the alliance of committed students. Their long-sought objective remains paramount. Survive. After all, exams are coming.

Okay, so maybe exams aren’t quite as dramatic as taking out the Death-Star. But they can cause a lot of pressure to already-stressed out students. How to overcome the stress and pressure, you say? I’m so glad you asked. The library can’t guarantee you’ll ace your exams, but we want you make it through them with as little drama as possible.

  1. Make a study plan…Cramming is not a study plan.
  2. Review each day in the week leading up to your exam.
  3. Find classmates and study in a group.
  4. Make sure you find and study any materials your teacher has made specifically for exam preparation. (If your teacher gives you a Final Exam study guide, use it!)
  5. The night before your exam,
    1. Review the key points of your study material.
    2. Get enough sleep.
    3. Don’t watch sad movies. I mean, exams are stressful enough. Don’t watch your favorite superheroes evaporate into dust on the night before your physics exam. Just…no.
  6. The day of your exam,
    1. Eat healthy, filling meals.
    2. Relax and hang out with your friends.
    3. Take a deep breath when the exam starts.
    4. Suck on a hard candy like a peppermint while you take your test. It helps with concentration!
  7. Afterward, don’t overthink. You’ve done what you can.

Best of luck from the library staff!

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