Summer of Love

Looking for a hot book to read on a hot day? You are in luck! In July NPR released NPR Books Summer of Love, 100 books nominated by readers as their favorite romances. Divided into categories, there is something for everyone looking for happily ever after, or HEA in romance publishing circles,—historic, LBGTQ, suspense, paranormal among others.

Given the number of nominations—over 18,000—is there any doubt of the popularity of romance? And given the number and tone of the comments section, romance readers are, er, passionate as well. If you don’t see your favorite title on the list or to better understand the selection process once the nominations were made, read Heartbreakers: Why Some Books Didn’t Make the Final Romance List.

Some selections that can be found at the John Tyler Libraries:

Do you read romance? What would you nominate as the best in romantic fiction? Tell us in the comments!
Picture: The Hidden Power of the Heart by Nattu is licensed under CC by 2.0

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