e-Textbooks: would YOU do it?

Kindle. Nook. iPad. Android Tablet...clearly the book is going digital. Can textbooks go digital too? Advantages: Lower cost Many books in one small, light package Allow bookmarking and highlighting One familiar tool to read them all Virginia State has recently provided their accounting students with free e-textbooks, citing the prohibitive cost of traditional textbooks. Wired Campus reports that other schools have given iPads to incoming students, but have had issues integrating the devices into classroom instruction. St. John’s College has discouraged the use of free e-book versions of the classics, stating differences in…continue reading →

Print PowerPoint: save $$$ and trees!

Need to print a PowerPoint….but hate the idea of printing all 56 slides? Print multiple slides per sheet! Save space in your notebook as well as the value on your print card. Print Preview method: Select PRINT PREVIEW under PRINT from the Microsoft button/file button at the top. Under PAGE SETUP on the ribbon, choose a layout from the dropdown menu. This gives you a preview too, which can be helpful. Choose PRINT. Print dialog box method: Click PRINT from the Microsoft/Rainbow button. When the print dialog box appears, choose 6 slides per…continue reading →

Cavemen are us?

New information is constantly uncovered which influences conventional ideas of human origins. Through genome sequencing, scientists have uncovered proof that modern man and Neanderthals are closely related. Modern humans share genomic patterns identical to those of Neanderthals...enough to be considered proof that we are the same species. Or in other words, cavemen ARE us! The August 2010 issue of Scientific American has two articles about human origins, including the editorial making the Neanderthal/Homo sapiens connection. When the Sea Saved Humanity by Curtis W. Marean Our Neanderthal Brethren by Michael Shermer The genome article…continue reading →

Google docs: make, store and share online

Stuck without a flash drive? No access to a desktop computer? Create and load your documents into Google Documents. Google Docs comes automatically with John Tyler email. Have access to all of your docs anywhere with an internet connection or smart phone. No flash drive needed! With Google docs you can: Upload any file for simple access Create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. No need to purchase Microsoft Office. Share your work in real time with the collaboration tool. Find the link to Google docs on your JTCC email page. Need more information? Check…continue reading →

Serial novelist…ONLINE

Why buy the whole book when you can get the chapters (one at a time) for free? Charles Dickens published novels in serial form, or chapter by chapter, in newspapers and magazines. The idea continues today as newspapers serialize longer works. Fans can read the book chapter by chapter  in the newspaper, on the web, through an RSS feed, or even by email. The Night Bookmobile by Audrey Niffenegger Known for her novel The Time Traveler's Wife, Niffenegger is also an accomplished artist and bookmaker. She writes and draws this graphic novel about…continue reading →