FREE citation tool for MLA style:

The bibliography is a crucial part of a project; it brings all of the research together and gives the paper credibility. Yet preparing the citations is a detailed and sometimes tedious process. EasyBib can help. As one fan said on Facebook (thank you, Aliyah Hauser Prontaut!) EasyBib is like a calculator for your English paper. EasyBib is simple to use: select a source, fill out the form (title, author,ISBN), then export to Word. EasyBib formats your works cited page in MLA format, ready to go. EasyBib is online and accessible anywhere. The good…continue reading →

Do your best: online study guides

Struggling with Pride and Prejudice? Have a class discussion on Hamlet and no idea what to say? Do a bit of extra reading and get the clues you need--free and online. A bit of reading and research can increase your understanding--and your grade! Check out the following websites for extra help: SparkNotes: No Fear Shakespeare! "Created by Harvard students for students everywhere" these free online guides can help you deepen your understanding of a text, decide what to write on a paper, help you speak intelligently in class, and impress your friends." Subjects:…continue reading →

Turner Classic Movies: The Website

Since it's inception in 1995 Turner Classic Movies, or TCM for short, has carved a unique niche in cable television.  TCM routinely shows classic films, forgotten gems and low budget programmers from the Golden Age of Hollywood. These are all films that are rarely, if ever shown on any other channel.  TCM's official website offers a variety of film related information and activities for any film buff. TCM has a searchable database containing over 150,000 titles. Crafting essays are getting to be a most familiar task during students academic way of life. But the truth…continue reading →

Tell me a story

Children aren’t the only ones who love to hear stories. The ancient art of storytelling is alive and well in the 21st century, and you can be a part of saving the stories of your family and friends. Listen to a story at The Moth, a not-for-profit organization that conducts live storytelling events.  The Moth collects stories, showcases them online and has recently begun touring.  StorySLAMS are held in New York and Los Angeles, with audience member judges scoring each story, and the winner advancing to the Moth GrandSLAM. StoryCorps is an independent…continue reading →