7 Library Resources Every JTCC Student Should Know About

7 Library Resources Every JTCC Student Should Know About

It is getting to be crunch time for papers, projects and presentations. Knowledgeable students turn to the library for serious researching. Here are some resources where you can get the most for your studying efforts. 1. QuickSearch: The all-in-one search feature. Use it to find books, both print and digital, articles and DVDs.       2. Academic Search Complete: The mega-database that has hundreds of journals and thousands of articles in many subject areas. Take advantage of the limiters that can help you narrow and focus your search.       3.…continue reading →

What Matters in Jane Austen

January 28, 2013 marked the 200th anniversary of the publishing of Pride and Prejudice. Its author, Jane Austen, is as popular as ever. Pride and Prejudice alone has had at least four film adaptations. A search in the library database Literature Resource Center on Jane Austen yields 843 results. And now this statue of her famous hero, Mr. Darcy, has been erected in Hyde Park, London. Though of course not from Austen’s text of Pride and Prejudice, the statue’s resemblance to Colin Firth in the 1995 BBC production is uncanny. If your interest…continue reading →

Oscar Winners at JTCC Libraries

This Sunday is the 85th Academy Awards. Who are you hoping to see win? The nominees run the gamut from foreign language (Amour) to history (Lincoln, Argo) to musical (Les Miserables) and everything in between. And don’t forget the Virginia connections. Lincoln was filmed right here in central Virginia and Richmond native Michael Gottwald is a producer of Beasts of the Southern Wild. If Sunday’s ceremony has you reminiscing about previous winners, you can find these best picture DVDs at the John Tyler libraries: Our publishing service provider gives business twenty-four hours each…continue reading →

Read the Book Then See the Movie

Are you planning on some movie watching over the Winter break? According to Chasing the Frog.com an average of thirty books are made into movies each year. The John Tyler Community College libraries have many titles that have found their way onto the big screen.  Check out some of these items and let us know: Which is better the movie or the book? Coriolanus(William Shakespeare) Betrayal and revenge set in ancient Rome. Perks of being a wallflower(Stephen Chbosky) A coming of age story told in letters to a friend. Great Gatsby(F. Scott Fitzgerald)…continue reading →

The Last King

The year is 1648 and England is wilting under Civil War. King Charles I is beheaded and Oliver Cromwell runs the country. Cromwell’s legacy of ruling without a royal lineage does not last and Charles’ son, Charles II returns to be crowned in 1660. Through political and social upheaval, plague and the fire of London The Last King chronicles the 25-year reign of this Stuart ruler. Sometimes known as the Merry Monarch, Charles II (Rufus Sewell) was as noted for his licentious lifestyle as his restoration of the monarchy.  His mistresses are legend,…continue reading →