Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food

Part science project, part dinner... Cooking for Geeks author Jeff Potter shows you how to hack it, mash it, sous-vide it, caramelize it, and eat it! THEN he explains the science behing it all. Think Mythbusters for the kitchen... Cooking for Geeks (print) and Cooking for Geeks (web) Not feeling geeky? Try these other cooking titles from JTCC Library: BakeWise by Shirley Corriher. Corriher, the food scientist from Good Eats, explains how to manipulate your baking recipies in her second James Beard Award winning cookbook. How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman. All here—Bittman shows…continue reading →

Feed Your Family with Your Own Mini-farm: Cindy Conner at Fool for Art

Nationally known speaker Cindy Conner shares techniques for the backyard food gardener. Come learn to feed yourself using organic GROW BIOINTENSIVE tools to make your garden productive all year long. This workshop is presented during the Fool for Art festival—a free community event held by John Tyler Community College. Details Saturday, April 9, 2011 • 11:00 a.m. John Tyler Community College Midlothian Campus, A113-115 About the Workshop GROW BIOINTENSIVE Sustainable Mini-farming is a system that combines nutrition-based food production with closed-system soil fertility management, emphasizing reduced space. Learn about the eight elements of…continue reading →

Grow your own!

Concerned about cost, source, even the methods used to grow your food? GROW YOUR OWN! Why garden? Health. Gardening provides exercise and food. Variety. Home gardeners select vegetable varieties for taste or appearance—not on how well a vegetable keeps in the refrigerator, or how well it travels to market. Striped tomatoes, anyone? Heritage. Remember your Grandfather’s amazing heart-shaped tomatoes? Bitter melon, cream peas, mizuna, and Thai eggplants are not available at the grocery store. Grow your history! Cost. Heirloom tomatoes can cost $6.00/lb; a large tomato may weigh a pound. A packet of…continue reading →

Ophelia Joined the Group Maidens Who Don’t Float by Sarah Schmelling

Ever wonder why Romeo didn’t get the tip from Friar Lawrence that Juliet was only taking fake poison? It’s not because Friar John got held up in the quarantine house—it’s because he wasn’t checking his Facebook messages!  That is according to Sarah Schmelling in Ophelia Joined the Group of Maidens Who Don’t Float: Classic Lit Signs on to Facebook. This convergence of social media and stories found on college reading lists is now at the John Tyler library. Other insights from the book: Odysseus received a notice.       “You haven’t signed in for…continue reading →

Book Club: The Other Wes Moore

One name, two fates... Same situation, same neighborhood, same age, same name. One man is a Rhodes Scholar and Iraq Combat Veteran, the other is serving jail time. What happened? Read the book (available in the JTCC library or locally at Barnes and Noble) and join the discussion Tuesday, March 8 at 2:00 in C103. Find out what students are saying about The Other Wes Moore. reading →