Tech-Tips Tuesday- New additions to the Midlothian Library!

The Midlothian library is getting a technology upgrade!  Last week, the college’s IT (information technology) department started installing the new computers. The stations are all-in-one PCs that will allow for faster computing and more work space!

In addition to the new desktop stations, upgrades have been made to the operating system as well.  The computers use Windows 8, which will be taught in ITE courses this fall.  All stations have access to Microsoft Office 2013 and various programs for other JTCC courses.

Please come by the Midlothian library and test drive one of the new computers.  Also, please be mindful of installation.  We will try to keep interruptions to a minimum and appreciate your patience during this time.

We hope you enjoy these new additions!  Be on the look out for more Tech-Tips Tuesdays from the LibrarySpace blog!

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  1. Molli

    The installation is complete! New computers are ready to rock and roll! Thanks for your cooperation and patience during the transition!

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