The Moth: Stories ToldChildren aren’t the only ones who love to hear stories. The ancient art of storytelling is alive and well in the 21st century, and you can be a part of saving the stories of your family and friends.

Listen to a story at The Moth, a not-for-profit organization that conducts live storytelling events.  The Moth collects stories, showcases them online and has recently begun touring.  StorySLAMS are held in New York and Los Angeles, with audience member judges scoring each story, and the winner advancing to the Moth GrandSLAM.

StoryCorps is an independent listening project in which people interview their family and friends.   Over 35,000 people from all walks of life have recorded their stories since 2003. Listen to the man who pioneered the jump shot in the NBA or to NYC taxi drivers talk about entertaining passengers.

Now it’s your turn!  StoryCorps’s National Day of Listening, is November 28, 2008.  Why not take advantage of being with family and friends for Thanksgiving to interview and record their experiences and thoughts? The site provides suggestions including downloads on how to interview and record conversations and ways to share the result.  You might be surprised by what you’d hear!

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